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Quality is Everything at Netscoco. We Constantly Supplying Customers with Excellent Products. Want to Buy  a Good  Quality Insect Mesh Netting, Please Follow Us.


  • Several regular customers tell us that they had received a very low quote from some sellers. They were so confused: why there is too much price difference. We show you the answer now, raw material price variance is the key.  The insect mesh netting of Netscoco is made from  100% new HDPE and anti-UV stabilisers, not have the recycled HDPE, Netscoco refuse the substandard material. The recycled HDPE is not suitable for using as insect mesh material, but some dishonest seller used the recycled HDPE to manufacture insect mesh, and they didn’t tell the buyers truth. Actually the new HDPE cost is twice as expensive as recycled material. If you get a very very low price, you will know what might happen. ( HDPE: High Density Polyethylene,  UV: ultraviolet )


Netscoco provide range of insect mesh netting to protect your crops, with our standard and ultra fine insect mesh to stop insect attack. On the market the 40×25 mesh insect mesh netting used very often, but the anti-insect effects is not so well, especially  insects are very small. Now the garden man realized that ultra fine insect mesh offer more protection and helpful to the crops growth, 40×40 mesh is the best choice, which mean that there have 40 mesh counts in per inch, the mesh size is 0.425×0.425mm, 60×60 mesh have micro mesh size as 0.25×0.25 mm. Ultra fine insect mesh meaning the manufacturer should have the advanced technique, advanced drawing and shuttleless machine, so the price is more higher.

Once, a clients say this: when we are purchasing the ultra fine insect mesh ,we do not only consider the price, but also consider the cost when we are using these purchased micro mesh.

If  you are interest  in any products of Netscoco , and want to develop some new items further, Please contact us freely, the quotations and samples will be sent ASAP. Netscoco looking forward to cooperate with you!