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Our high quality Golf Netting is made of  new HDPE & UV, not have recycled material, is widely used in Golf  Course,  Baseball Backstop and other sports areas.

Production Information

Material:    new HDPE ( no recycled material ) & UV

Color:         green / black / or customized  color

Mesh Type: diamond / square / or as your requirement

Twine Diameter:      1-1.5mm / 2mm / 3mm / or as your requirement

Mesh Size:    7/8″(22.2mm) / 1″(25.4mm) / or as your requirement

Width(Height):        10′(3.05m) / 5m / or as your requirement

Length:      100m a bundle / or as customized

Application:   widely used in Golf  Course,  Baseball Backstop and other sports areas etc.