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Roofing Net(light)
Roofing Net


If you’re building a resort thatch project, trying to know the differences between Roofing Net &  Roofing Net(light).

You probably know that Roofing Net is used to cover thatch for project, but how do you know which type of roofing net is more suitable for your case? Which performance characteristics do you need to pay attention to?

The chart below provides a reference to you on the main differences between the nets.  Please check performance characteristics below.

Product information

CharacteristicRoofing NetRoofing Net(light)
Main MaterialVirgin HDPE & UVVirgin HDPE & UV
Colorblack / tanblack
Mesh Typediamond(knotted)diamond(knotless)
Weightheavy Weightlight Weight
Hole Size12.5mm*12.5mm / 15mm*15mm10mm*10mm / 12mm*12mm / 15mm*15mm
Widthusually 5-10musually 5-20m
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