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About Us


Netscoco is a specialist supplier of shade cloth, shade nets, mesh fabrics, roofing net, placemats, woven flooring, mesh bags in China. We have been  in those filed for years, we continue to be a reliable supplier to serve customers all over the world.

Netscoco offers: Experienced Workers,  Advanced Machine , Good Quality Control, On Time Delivery, Competitive Price,  R&D Assistance,  Professional Sales Team.   

    Netscoco Core Advantage


Our Facory

Manufacturing  (Yarn)11-11

Manufacturing  (Machine)222-33

Warehouse(Packing & Shipping) 111111

Netscoco Global MarketNetscoco Global Markets Shad Sail Shade Net Insect Meshs Shade Cloth

North America, Europe,  Australia, Middle East, Japan, China etc.

Blue flag marked area indicate countries in which Netscoco's products existing.

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