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PTFE Woven Mesh is made of pure PTFE raw material, is not a PTFE top-coating mesh,  this excellent Mesh  is commonly used in chemical,  medical, paper making and other industries.

This shade fabric is made of PVC & Polyester, surface generally with top coating  PVDF or Acrylic on front & back both side.

This Nori Net usually is made of  high quality virgin HDPE & Vinylon or Nylon raw material,  widely offering to worldwide Nori , Seaweed cultivation, with eco-friendly, freeze protection, corrosion resisting, High strength &durable features.

Thatching Rope / Twine is a high quality HDPE rope, made of virgin HDPE & UV stabiliser treatment, the popular diamester of it is 2.2mm & 3.2mm. We are leading supplier of thatching rope and roofing net, widely offering to worldwide thacthing industry customers. Used for thatch roof tie, it has strong strength, good UV […]

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