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This unique spun placemat is made of  EVA material, offers lace texture, available in black or other colors, more softly & flexible than vinyl or PE material, the modern EVA spun placemat will enhance your dinner room taste.

Material:     EVA

Texture:      scribble

Color:          black / any Pantone color is available

Shape:        rectangle  / round / any shape is available

Size:           30×45cm(rectangle)/ 34×57cm(rectangle) / 38cm (round) / or as your customized size

Feature:     eco-friendly, flexible, reusable, heat-resistant, anti-skid, durable, washable, waterproof, oil-proof, high strength,  ageing resistance, resistance to wear and tear 

Function:   multi-function, used in restaurant, bar, kitchen, office, meeting room , home, hotel, garden etc

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