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Our regular customers ask me how to choose the high quality shade cloth, I said: Price! Price ! Price!  then we are all laughing. In the market you might find very lower price,  but you also worried about the quality. Price tells the quality, the old adage goes that if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys, if you get a very very low price than other suppliers, you need to pay attention seriously.

Netscoco Constantly Supplying Customers with Excellent Shade Cloth. Want to Buy  a Good  Quality Shade Cloth, Please Follow Us.


  • As I had told before, the raw material is the most important thing for the shade cloth quality. There have 3 Grade Material for the shade cloth in the market:
  •                                                        First Grade: virgin HDPE & UV stabilisers,
  •                                                        Second Grade: recycled clear finishing net
  •                                                        Third Grade: recycled dirty material
  • Several regular customers tell us that they had received a very low quote from some sellers. They were so confused: why there is too much price difference. We show you the answer now, raw material price variance is the key. Our Shade Cloth is made from virgin HDPE and anti-UV stabilisers, not have the recycled dirty material, Netscoco refuse the substandard material. The recycled dirty material is not suitable for using as Shade Cloth material, but some dishonest seller used the recycled recycled dirty material to manufacture the shade cloth, and they didn’t tell the difference between them, the virgin HDPE shade cloth usage is 3-5 years; recycled clear finishing net usage is 1-3 years, the recycled dirty material usage usually within 1 years. Actually the virgin HDPE cost is twice as expensive as recycled material. If you get a very very low price, you will know what might happen. ( HDPE: High Density Polyethylene,  UV: ultraviolet )


How to identify the recycled dirty made shade cloth ?

LOOK, TOUCH, SMELL is the convenient. Look-high quality shade cloth offer a comfortable looking; Touch-high quality shade cloth feel solid; Smell- The virgin HDPE is odorless, so the high quality shade cloth also is odorless, if the shade cloth offer a very bad smell, this shade cloth usually made of recycled duty material.

Advaced Machine

Recently, we built ultra 12 Meters Width advanced machine for manufacturing Shade Cloth. General, other suppliers usually offered no more than 6m width net, our advanced machine make previous Max 8 meters width raise up to 12 meters ultra width, The ultra 12 meters width shade net bring a good reputation among our customers.

We also have several German machine to make the ultra quality shade cloth as the customers required. We also hold the fabric heat setting and PE coated technique. we have develop the outdoor and indoor Aluminum Shade Cloth products now, the Aluminum shade cloth is very welcome in the market.

We usually told our new customers this: we don’t know you are the final user or not, if you are the final user. I think you surely understand what the high quality shade cloth mean. If you the distributor, you will get more and more customers, because you always supply them with best products.

If  you are interest  in any products of Netscoco , and want to develop some new items further, Please contact us freely, the quotations and samples will be sent ASAP. Netscoco looking forward to cooperate with you!

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