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The breathable carpet is made of Virgin HDPE & UV, offering a natural looking as the grass, is very welcome in UK, Australia, German.
Product information

Material:    Vrign HDPE  + anti-UV stabilisers ( no recycled material )

Color:          blue/ green / grey / pruple / coffee / or customized Pantone color

Weight:      160GSM – 350GSM / or as customize ( grams per square meter = g/m² )

Size:            2.5*2.5m /2.5*3m / 2.5*4m / 2.5*4.5m / 2.5*5m / 2.5*5.5m/ 2.5*6m / 3*3m / 3*5m / 3* 5.5m / 3* 6m / or as your customize size

 Eyelets          G304 stainless steel eyelets in each corner

Packing:      each in a PVC zipper bag(inner packing), then in a carton(outer packing) / or as clients requirements 

Feature:       breathable,  UV resistant, eco friendly, easy to clean, recyclable, easy to fold and store

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