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Ultra Fine Insect Mesh usually using in cultivation of fruit, flowers and vegetables in grow tunnel, to protect fruits, plants, flowers from insects and birds destory.

Material:       Virgin HDPE  + anti-UV stabilisers ( no recycled material )

Color:            transparent  / green / or as customized  color

Mesh Count: 40×40 mesh ( per inch )/ 60×60 mesh ( per inch ) / 80×80 mesh ( per inch ) / or as customize

Weight:         90GSM / 100GSM / 120GSM / or as customize ( grams per square meter = g/m² )

Width:           1.35m / 1.5m / 2m  / 3m / 4m / or as client customized ( over 4 m , need to sew )

Length:         100m a roll / or as customized

Craft:             plain weave 

Feature:        anti-insects protection, anti-virus, shade, temperature and ventilation adjust, resistant UV rays,  strong and tear resistant, recyclable and environmentally friendly

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