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Our  High Quality PVDF Architectural Fabric is widely used in Carport,  Amusement Park, Playground, very welcomed by our customers.

Product information

Material:    PVC (coated)  + polyester mesh ( basic fabric )

Color:          white / black / orange / yellow / red / green / khaki / gray / blue / or customized Pantone color

Weight:      520GSM – 1500GSM / or as customize ( grams per square meter = g/m² )

Surface Treament:  PVDF or Acrylic Lacquer / or as your requirement

Width:        1m-3.2m / or  client customized width

Length:       50m a roll / or as customized

Fire Resistance:  M1; B1; B2; UL94-VO; CPAI-84; NFPA701; ASTMD1230  / or as your requirement

Feature:     waterproof, dustproof, acidproof, anti-UV, fastness ,durable, high tensile strength, high tear strength, easy to clean,cold resistant, oil resistant etc.


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