. Why protect your plants with anti-insect mesh?-MicroMesh Protection
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Why protect your plants with anti-insect mesh? So, Netscoco will find the answers for you. Let’s begin!


For Plants( Crops )

  • The anti-insect mesh is a woven mesh netting with micro meshes, which is an ideal physical barrier against weather, birds, whitefly, aphids and more insects. It protects against mild frost, heavy rain, wind and hail, to create shade to the plants, and lets both water and air circulate freely to encourage strong plant growth. Nowadays the meshes are used in cultivation of fruit, flowers and vegetables in shade houses, green houses and nurseries worldwide. Netscoco also offers you the all ready made Insect Mesh Grow Tunnel.
  • We covered the Chinese cabbage with 20, 40 and 60 mesh count anti-insect mesh to study the growth and anti-insect efficiency. The results showed that, compared with the open field cultivation, the Chinese cabbage which coving anti-insect mesh have built a great favor for resistance insects. With ultra micro-mesh, 40, 60 anti-insect mesh provide more protection and helpful to the crops growth.


For Healthy ( Natural)

  •  Anti-insect mesh as the most natural crops protection way, which allows the crops to be protected without using chemical substances. The advantage of using the anti-insect mesh is that the consequent increase of the productive quantity. And  the crops without spray farm chemical will be more popular in the market, consumers now like the healthy, safety, natural foods, actually we known that consumers offered a completely natural food are more easily willing to pay something more as their health is at stake.


Netscoco anti-insect mesh is made of  100% new HDPE and anti-UV stabilisers, not have the recycled HDPE material. This micro mesh is recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Netscoco would like to recommend the 40 mesh anti-insect for you, which is the most open used insect mesh we offering, because of its lower price and well anti-insect effects.

If you want to protect your crops against birds, whitefly, aphids and more insects, our micro anti-insect mesh is your best choice,  looking forward to cooperate with you!

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